People of the World

We are Singapore’s largest distributor and retailer of equipment and supplies to the food service industry. As much as we are in tune with the rapid changes in the industry, we also have full faith in the functionality of traditional products. We strongly believe that our products will be relevant tomorrow as they are today — never static.

Enhance your Experience

We work closely with our customers, which includes hotels, restaurant operators, hawkers, retail partners, healthcare providers, entertainment sectors, and cooking enthusiasts; providing our product knowledge and support to help them operate more efficiently. Our many years of experience, combined with our strategic areas of specialization, allows Soon Star Kitchenware to cater confidently to all of our customers’ most complex requirements.


We care about the smallest detail. All of our products are checked meticulously for their quality, and every single one is ensured perfection from start to finish. We aim to consolidate our purchasing strength, industry expertise and delivery capabilities to fulfil all of your requirements.